Butcher Block

Butcher block counter tops are natural, beautiful, practical, renewable, economical, and contrary to popular belief, one of the safest, most sanitary kitchen work surfaces available today. To maintain its beauty, this surface requires careful cleaning and frequent oiling. It is vulnerable to dents, scratches and water damage. One of the advantages of hardwood butcher block counter tops is the fact that you can cut on it without permanently damaging the surface or dulling your knife edge. In most instances sanding and the application of mineral oil can remove knife marks left on the surface. 

We are glad to introduce our own Butcher Block Signature Collection. 
We have selected the most demanded, practical and cost-friendly wood species for this collection. Along with our Granite Signature Collection, we are now able to offer one stop affordable granite and butcher block counter top solutions. All orders are made locally in Monroe, Washington. Also, we are able to custom fabricate from many other hardwoods that are popular for counter top applications: Oak, Red beech, Teak, Mahogany and etc.
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               Cherry                                      Walnut                                        Maple


Information You Should Know About Butcher Block

Thickness - butcher block may be fabricated in different thicknesses. The most common and standard thickness is 1-1/2", however it can be up to 4". Different thicknesses give many design opportunities for your counter top solution, but remember that standard options are always the most affordable.

Edge Detail - there are many edge details available for each thickness. Eased edge is standard and included in the base price.

Finish - butcher block comes unfinished. Our base price includes oil finish to provide water and stain protection. A furniture quality finish is available, but it is not as practical as oil protection. 
Grain -  edge grain and end grain are the two most known options of gluing butcher block. We use only solid wood 1" to 2" wide. Make sure you are getting quality product, as many companies are offering counter tops from "finger-joint" material.

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