Natural Quartz

    HanStone™ is an innovative new product that combines natural quartz, one of nature's hardest materials, with high quality polymer resin and pigment to produce a durable yet luxurious stone surface. We source various types, sizes and colors of quartz crystals from around the world, which provide the desired hue, feel and design, and capture the spirit and essence of natural colors. Unlike granite and many other surfaces, HanStone is non-porous and requires no sealing. In addition to being even more durable than granite, HanStone is also stain-resistant, heat-resistant and easy to maintain. It has also been tested and certified by the National Sanitation for Food Safety and Food Contact under the NSF 51 Certification, and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Quality Comes in All Colors. With 36 rich, stylish colors and patterns to choose from, HanStone™ lets you bring your most vivid imaging to life. Rich and elegant, bold and lively or perhaps warm and relaxed.

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