Care and Maintenance
Granite | Quartz     

General Information 

Quartz is non-porous and does NOT require sealing. Quartz is scratch resistant. However, it is NOT scratch proof. Never cut or chop directly on your countertop. Always use a cutting board. 

Avoid direct contact from hot objects, such as hot pots or pans as this can cause damage. 

Do NOT use cleaners with a high alkaline or pH level, such as oven grill cleaners, floor strippers, toilet bowl cleaners, oil soaps, tarnish removers, furniture cleaners, bleach, and drain products. If your material comes into contact with any of the above cleansers rinse the exposed surface immediately with water. Though quartz resists permanent staining when exposed to liquids such as wine, vinegar, tea, lemon juice, soda, or fruits and vegetables, wipe up food and liquid spills as soon as possible. 

It takes a great deal of force to chip or crack a quartz countertop, but things happen. If you have a chip or crack in your material please contact us


To keep your quartz countertops clean, use soap and water or a mild household cleaner such as 409, Fantastik, Lysol, or Windex. In case of stubborn spills or stains, soak the area for up to 10 minutes with one of the above cleaners and vigorously wipe away with a non-scratch Scotch Brite pad. For dried residue, a flat object such as a plastic putty knife can be used to gently scrape off the foreign material. Rinse the area thoroughly with water after cleaning to prevent a soap residue from forming that can dull the appearance of your material. Do NOT use abrasive or caustic cleaners as this can dull the finish. 

Honed Finishes 

Honed finishes require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance. Metal marks, finger prints, and other signs of daily living are more apparent. However, visible marks such as these can be removed by using a non-abrasive pad and any of the recommended cleaning products.