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We are glad to introduce our own 3 cm granite collection. It is most common granite colors that we stock. All suppliers sell granite in terms of the slabs not the square footage. Because granite comes in slabs, there is the possibility that the measurements of your countertop will not exactly match the available sizes of granite slab. You may need to buy extra slab when you actually need half of slab or even less. However, this should not be a problem, if you choose granite color from our Signature Collection, since we will only charge you for the section of the slab that was used on your project. Please, contact us for more information and pricing.

Level A
Tan Brown                                        Uba Tuba                                         Verde Butterfly
Sapphire Blue

Level B
New Venetian Gold                         Tropical Brown                                Giallo Santa Cecilia
Giallo Ornamental                          Kashmire White (limited stock left)

Level C

Absolute Black Polished or Honed

Golden Fusion


White Spring                                                                                        4"x4" sample

Sienna Bordeaux                                                                                
4"x4" sample

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