Stainless Steel
Clean Look of Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Stainless steel counter tops offer some definite advantages over surfaces like laminates, ceramic tile, and wood. For one thing, they are tough. They are highly resistant to damage from water, heat, and many corrosive materials. While they can receive dents and scratches, such occurrences don't damage the functionality of stainless steel. Stainless steel counter tops are the most hygienic material available and the only surface that can be safely bleached. Stainless steel is chic, contemporary, and noted for its association with professional kitchens. 

Newer applications include brushed or textured finishes that help camouflage scratches. Welded stainless-steel sinks create an integrated look, while backsplashes with corrugated patterns create dimension. Stainless steel, when attached to a wood substrate, becomes more sound resistant. 

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